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Meet the maker

This is a business born out of passion.

Sara Scheuermann is the hands, heart and soul behind the wheel at Steaped Slow Ceramics.

She discovered clay 15 years ago at an evening pottery class. Pottery remained a hobby while Sara worked in the digital industry for many years as a User Experience Designer.

Like many other millennials, she began to feel disengaged with a world becoming more virtual. After a year of soul searching, which included a trip: to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, a solo van life adventure to Canada’s East Coast and a self imposed seven days of solitude, she decided to quit her corporate 9-5 and follow her heart’s path.

She began making physical, handcrafted goods and selling her work at artisan markets. Here she discovered an established and growing movement of humans yearning for handmade, slow made, well crafted goods.  

Photo of the maker Sara Scheuermann"I quit my job in October 2018 with no plan to start a business. It was intended as an unpaid sabbatical for self discovery. A strong desire and extremely fortunate circumstance led me to start making pottery on a regular basis.
I was refining my skills, already established but in need of improvement. At this point it wasn’t my intention to sell my work. My first sale  was in December 2018 at a small student show. A seed was planted.
I continued improving, experimenting and building out a body of work. I “launched” Steaped Slow Ceramics on March 15 2019 by way of creating a name, logo and Instagram account."

Wheel thrown bowls work in progress

Steeped in love, slowly made ceramics. 

Steaped Slow Ceramics are a unique art form in that they bring beauty to objects which can be used everyday.
My hope is that my handmade goods add a mindfulness and joy to the daily rituals they are used for. From taking a moment for yourself to sip a morning coffee in a mug crafted to feel good in your hands, to enjoying a tumbler of wine among friends.
My goods bring a little magic back to a simple gift, a regular activity that may have lost some luster in its commonplaceness. Each item has been steeped slowly with love and care, to be loved and enjoyed for a long time.